By itssdianaa - / Tuesday 29 June 2010 03:18 / United States
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  Nena713  |  0

Lol yup. Over here you immediaetly start feeling sticky and start to sweat. My sunglasses have fogged up a few times. The humidity makes it feel 5-10 degrees hotter than what it really is. And it's already too hot in Texas. I empathize with you.

  Beach4life  |  0

i would love to live someware cold tody was 106 for me nd its not getting much better for awhile. andto the cow guy why do you cows eat so much grass on my way to school (my school is in the middle of noware) everyday cows are eating all day long

  FFML_314  |  11

OMFG!!! You modded this? Are you serious right now? I am so excited for you that I have to take a moment and soak in all of your awesomeness and maybe just relax with all of this excitement. Give me a second to see if I can refrain from flying off the handle!! : : : : : : HOLY CRAP I'M STILL EXCITED!

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

I'm so glad they even have an anti-flood. Could you imagine if these kids were actually given the freedom to post as much as they wanted, and as fast as they wanted with no limit? I think the 'I moderated this comment :DD' posts are more annoying than the constant '1st!!!!', 'secondddd!!111!1', or whatever posts are.

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