By Anonymous / Thursday 16 February 2012 19:41 / United States
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  rodgersfan  |  6

That's pathetic...

  nikkub1289  |  1

Wish I was there(; giggity giggity goo ohhh right

  Characterise  |  0

oh yeah so a man wears a tank/boob tube? well maybe if they were gay

By  Vertas  |  10

I love this kid lol

  Takuya272727  |  16

USA will eventually seperate, and disappear. Look at every nation in history. They have fallen at one point or another over many things. USA isn't forever, it just exists right now, and prolly for a while to come.

  Tadeusz_fml  |  5

Doubtful. Countries such as Iran have existed in some form for millenia (although until the early 20th Century it was called Persia). You have no historical backing for your ludicrous claim. In fact, the longer countries last, the more unlikely it is they will ever collapse.


Today, I let my 5 year-old niece walk my 3 month-old husky puppy while I watched. I didn't realize how strong my puppy actually is until she took off running while dragging my niece with her. My niece now has two busted up knees and chin and her mother is now calling my puppy "demon puppy." FML

By Anonymous - / Wednesday 13 May 2009 18:49 / United States

Today, I was babysitting two brothers, 3 and 5. As I was getting the youngest ready to go outside, the older boy, threw open the door, shucked his clothing, and ran off into the woods. I had to carry the 3-year-old as I ran my asthmatic ass after him. FML

By K_nightlight - / Thursday 15 September 2016 00:20 / United States - River Falls
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