By Anonymous / Sunday 22 December 2013 06:17 / United States - Roseville
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  wisericky  |  12

Or cats

  UnluckyGenius  |  21

I'll take the blame for it #42, I started the trend during a comment spree a few months ago.

By  infinitegrace  |  21

I'm sorry OP. Maybe talk to your mom about it. That's not always the best idea but it may work for you. I hope everything works out.

  glabberfasted  |  16

The FML does say "might."

By  AnmolArora  |  15

Sorry to hear OP:-/
well u should talk to ur mom about it..nd work it out asap..
else it will be too much painful fr u to carry on ur head nd so fr ur dad whn he ll knw one or odr day..
Have courage nd be patient
All the very best:-)

  jannatanelle  |  5

I hope you realize that English isn't everyone's native tongue. and while throwing out your hateful comments in a cheap attempt to get undeserved likes I hope once in your life you Truely have to endur a language barrier and while everyone around you can clearly understand what you mean I hope they all point in laugh at the retard who forgot all the proper etiquette of the Second language that chose to attempt to learn.

  rg350dx  |  29

Hold on a second. Humorous comments on a humor and funny stories app? The nerve of some people!
Their comments were hardly hateful as you stated. However, wishing they get pointed and laughed at like retards is quite offensive.

  tukies  |  28

30 I truly agree with you about the whole second language thing. It's not easy. Hell every time I write on here I expect to get corrected, because my dyslexia is so bad. English is my first languish. However his reply looks to me like texting language to me.

  jannatanelle  |  5

hardly hateful? because they're from a different country they must be from a different planet. I see equal hate in both scenarios. tho wishing some get a dose of their own medication maybe seen as hateful to some I have known a lot of people whom have escaped karma and what's wrong with wishing it hit the right person for once.

  LuluRichards  |  20

oh aller ailleurs, Grinch. C'est FML calmer! --- not my first language, been learning for 2 years, don't live in the country and yet I completely spell the words. Anyway this is FML lighten up, if it offended anyone I am sorry.

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

#30 it's obviously not a language barrier.. They're using text language. And your comment is way more hateful than the two who commented before you. And I'm thankful people point out other's mistakes on this website. Thats why most of the comments are intelligently written and not "lyke dis".

  tukies  |  28

Maybe the book fell down (while she was shaking it upside down) and landed perfectly on the page that talked about Fabio. Yeah that must be it...

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