By dad - / Tuesday 3 March 2009 22:28 / United States
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  nateb1tch  |  1

tell the bitch to be quiet

By  Justblue  |  0

Tell your kid to shut the fuck up. You're grown and can do that you want...a healthy sex life is good. She'll understand when she gets older. Also remind her who pays the bills where you live and who provides for her.

  gr8koolkat  |  6

#5 Perhaps the phone was on the bedside table next to them, it lit up, he saw it was from his daughter and thought 'oh shit' so decided to check it? Just a thought.

By  OutsideOfThis  |  0

Hahaha, that's hilarious. You should've been louder after that just to piss her off.

  koda1515  |  0

are you going to comment on everything?

  howie321  |  0

this is my second comment, nice effort though.

By  BeautyAndBrains  |  0

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  Fop  |  6

Wait, what? You're an idiot. Listening to your parents have sex is totally gross. The one time it happened to me I lost one night of sleep, thus a day at school since I could barely open my eyes. Their daughter also has the right to live in the house; it's not about "minding your own business" in this case. I'd say fuck the daughter's life for having sex addicted parents.

  bozo92  |  0

if they cant wait till the daughter is out then yes whore!

  marisalee  |  0

I know! And she's 14. She should be mature and leave

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