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By  Zayna_604  |  0

maybe she really wanted to have sex with you and when she realize she was she got excited and thpught it was funny how she got what she wanted... i dont knoww, im just pulling this outta my ass right now. 

  Dejaay  |  2

hahah, or maybe she really wanted to have sex with him and then she realized how bad it was and thought it was funny how she had wanted to have sex with him so badly...

By  singhjr1  |  3

i had a girlfriend that used to sneeze while we did "whoopie". Scientest think its because the sex and sneeze, yawn, etc. parts of the braim are close together.


Today, I took my son to lunch. After we ate, the waitress came over and told me that my son was the most well-behaved child they had ever had there. His response was to pull his pants down and moon the entire restaurant while smacking his bottom. FML

By BekkyLove15 / Monday 19 May 2014 00:12 / United Kingdom - Liphook
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