By BlackPolarbear / Saturday 23 January 2010 08:05 / United States
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  a1b2c3d4e5f6  |  0

I know! Free is so expensive!

It's either:

(a) fake
(b) the guy is dumb enough to complain using his girlfriends account
(c) it's a chick with a dick
(d) none of the above

Isn't multiple choice fun?

  Sirin_fml  |  46

a) Meh.
b) Yawn.
c) Suicide by USB port.
d) Perdix, you look stunning in that unitard.

There is no "shoot Perdix before he starts making sexually inappropriate comments" option, so we are all doomed.

  perdix  |  29

Thanks, Sirin, sometimes I do feel a little bad when I make the "sexually inappropriate" comments in the general FML section, but when they are in the "Intimacy" category, all bets are off, baby!

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