By youaresodumb / Monday 27 September 2010 04:19 / United States
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Are you saying that sarcastically? Cause its showing a typical blonde (who actually isn't even that hot, waay too skinny) with a shirt misspelling College (yes its meant to be College and not collage. Yes I know what a collage is stfu).

  mduffy08  |  8

So it's been a year since 113 commented, who thinks he's still gay and single, still working at McDonalds with an IQ lower than turd? I do I do.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I'm gonna assume he finished too soon for her to get an orgasm. And comsidering he apologized.. That he doesn't go down on her after to finish her off.

I might call this worse than not getting any.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

114- Dunno who you're talking to, but I've had girls give me head after, yes. And I've gone down on a girl after if I finish while she still wants more.
Not a big deal to some of us

  janise  |  2

@ BahBah_The_Sheep: Actually most girls would go down on a guy if she came and he didn't. You must be a really shitty partner if you're too selfish to finish the other person off if they didn't cum when you did.

  imkool136  |  22

If it's been a while and I know I'll finish first, I start with oral to get her close, sometimes finish her, then we have sex, makes sure she finishes first and it's more intense for her cause she's already soaking.

By  Tootsiee  |  0

Aw, I understand.. wait I don't, my boyfriend doesn't cum fast.. ): sorry?

  lilblumango  |  1

Easy people who brag about having sex are usual the ones not getting any. And also it ok if you cum early, just means ur turn on by her easily which is good&well "being used to it" she knows her limits and probably has a vibrator at home to finish the work you didn't do so chea o.O

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