By Anonymous / Wednesday 27 January 2010 02:28 / France
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By  x805xUnknown  |  6

Wow, that sucks, really bad. Well at least you made it to the E.R.??

  _whoops  |  0

its too bad he didnt beat you...lol well wait until you have a daughter of your own and lets see how you like it... im sure you will tell them to not stop and do it in your home ^^

  rjhoney  |  0

dads get mad cuz they don't want them to get pregnant or get stds,trust me,when your a dad u will understand.and alot of adults stand for abstanance(I sort of do too).

  pedosmurf  |  7

They are but just because they are trained to kill doesn't mean he will beat the shit out of the kid he is still under eighteen I think

By  Phallus_fml  |  0

sounds as if you found this stranger girl on the street, lured her into having sex with you and blah blah blah. boring.

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