By kaytiebobaytie - / Sunday 24 January 2010 18:30 / United States
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By  Rakshasa23  |  0

YDI for actually keeping something valuable, let alone anything at all, in a hoodie pocket. The only thing those pockets are good for is keeping your hands warm.

  nadsm  |  0

uhm hello he was "joking around".. he probably opened the window just for the sake of holding her hoodie outside, not to feel the fresh, freezing air.

  HiddenAce91  |  6

@12 Actually it's quite warm in some parts of Michigan today. I know I live there myself. @OP YDI for keeping your iPhone in your sweatshirt pocket. All sweatshirt pockets are loose and anything can be stolen or fall out without notice.

By  ruff1298  |  7

It's horrible to joke about anything, and your boyfriend did a dumb decision. To make up for this, he MUST pay. With a new iPhone. Possibly some more attention and begging, too. Good luck.

By  chaos753159  |  4

YDI for having an iphone

By  betseyville  |  6

YDI for having an iPhone.

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