By tehhotness - / Friday 27 March 2009 14:13 / United States
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  XxCherryxX  |  0

Bananas in Pajamas FTW!!

By  ellebell  |  0

umm...at least she was honest

By  piderman13  |  0

WOOWW that blows....apparently she enjoys going around doing that too... i would have stood up and walked out...unless its your house then just pick her up and carry her out and set her outside the way she is and lock the door hahahahhaha


Today, as I was walking downstairs to get breakfast, I saw my parents had decided to have a quickie on the couch. I had to awkwardly stand out of sight on the stairs, too scared to go down, or even back up, because our stairs creak. FML

By Stinkipinkki / Wednesday 21 August 2013 16:27 / United States - Austin
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