By TheBRADLeyB - / Thursday 16 April 2009 18:52 / United States
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  coreyligon  |  0

i run all of the time. I've only been caught 1/6 times and I'm only 17

  KevinFlynn  |  13

I've done it plenty of times and never got caught

  KevinFlynn  |  13

trust me, it does work

By  BaldOuting  |  0

the better bet would have been to let him pull you over either try to talk your way out of a ticket or fighting it in court. but running from a cop is not a fml, that's your fault.

By  tangel0  |  0

i first thought YDI, but then again you did what you could. 55 limits suck, esp when the it's an open road. FYL

  spktr  |  1

they're 55 mph for a reason dipshit. like the road and conditions bot being suited to higher speeds or it's a notorious blackspots where speeding idiots die all the time. ydi

By  rakhil11  |  7

i feel really swy 4 u and that must suck...but...jw...what were u thinking when u started driving away?

By  Jemish  |  0

You should fight the speeding ticket. It doesn't make a difference whether you turned or not, you could have been frightened by the cops sudden actions or thought he had an emergency and needed to pass. If the cop was approaching you there is most likely no way he could have correctly gauged your speed and for all the judge knows you could have gotten nervous about being 5 miles over the speed limit. They can only charge you for speeding if they can prove it and if his proof is "he looked like he was going fast" that isn't admissible. Unless you admitted to your speed, then don't bother fighting it. I apologize for using the pronoun "he" if you're female.

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

There are several ways in which police can detect how fast you are going. Radar is common. Some newer cars, or cars used mainly for traffic may have a time system in them. They can also pace you. It's amazing how quickly you can get good at gauging speed, or reading inspection/ registration stickers when you do it for 8 hours... Their entire job is observation. If the cop shows up in court you will most likely not win. However, they don't always show up.

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