By frenchgirlll - / Monday 27 April 2009 04:43 / United States
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By  gefanit  |  0

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  xNephilim  |  18

So OP is at fault for her mother's rudeness? That's not fair. That's like saying a mother commits a crime - say, murder- and the daughter gets some of the blame by default, just because she's the daughter.

By  latuka  |  0

I don't see how the girl deserved it. but even if you are speaking another language, and the person doesn't understand that, they might not know what exactly you are saying, but they still can tell you are talking about them.

By  _soe_  |  0

#7 good thing that you're being such a great person, but I speak 3 languages as well and sometimes it's simply not possible to speak one, that everyone who's around understands. So instead of trying to communicate in the right language every second you should work on being a little nicer.. they're definitely not assholes!

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