By stutterboy - / Tuesday 11 June 2013 20:36 / United States - Rancho Cucamonga
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By  hotshot0185  |  15

T t t today junior

Sorry, couldn't resist but yeah FYL

  99megster  |  15

...why is this buried? Has no one else seen Billy Madison?


Idk if it's just me, but the t's totally look like they are getting smaller at the beginning the comment. I think it's time for bed x.x

  hotshot0185  |  15

Thank you

  PandaKitteh  |  20

Oh my god, why did this get burried? That's the FIRST thing that came into my mind. Don't worry OP, my boyfriend stutters and I think it's cute, though it may be frustrating to him/you. Just relax and I hope you get a good grade:3

  depocadoll  |  15

What an asshole.
Ignore that crappy teacher. I can't stand it when people mock or laugh at someone who struggles with stuttering/reading out loud.
I read really quickly in my head, almost "skimming" fast. Basically like sight reading, and I can totally grasp the concept and understand everything, but catch me trying toread out loud? No way. My mouth can't keep up with my eyes. People literally think I can't read, and I'll be able to read something five times over before they are done with it.
My friend also reads super fast but stutters really badly. I don't understand the humor.

By  revan546  |  24

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  NickaPLZ  |  26

But it's not a disability. Sure, it sucks, and yes I agree that people need to stop laughing at OP, but a stutter is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. That's totally different from a disability.

Has no one on here seen The King's Speech? In the movie he developed it as a young child due to stress and ridiculous expectations. You can learn to overcome it and it'll never happen again.

  depocadoll  |  15

While that's true, not all stutters are just habitual. My husband has turrets and occasionally stutters. It's typically stress related, but not always.

  nix1993  |  37

#71- Actually, stuttering is often the result of learning difficulties, or some sort of physical disability and is medically classed as a 'motor disease'. You do not always develop a stutter, sometimes you're born unable to articulate properly. Also OP, your professor is a RAGING bitch, and should be fucking fired for that pathetic display of immaturity in a job that should command respect from her pupils.


people with lisps are cool with me and I have no problem with them. I actually like talking to them because they're normally really friendly, mainly because I've never met someone with a lisp that thought he was better than everyone else. good listeners good, since most aren't very confident in their voice.

  Vaati_fml  |  20

To all of you who said the lady is mean, my sister stutters occasionally and laughs about it every time. So do I. She doesn't care because she knows stuttering is somewhat funny. Some people can't hold their laughter very well. I can't at all. But, the fact that his professor tried not to laugh is a good thing. Get it straight.

  Brightbulb  |  39

Unfortunately too many teachers don't. I have major social anxiety thanks to my teachers laughing at me. And I finally beat my stutter unless I'm mad or really tired.

By  lakersfan2424  |  8

You must have felt stutterly humiliated!

  KainMoogle  |  21

Joking about seizures, (as seen on previous FML) : ok. Joking about stuttering: not okay. Please explain how a speech impediment is more serious than a life threatening condition

  Epikouros  |  31

Usually I will joke about anything, but there's a difference: mocking epileptic people will not make them have more seizures, but mocking stutterers may make them more nervous and stutter more.

By  _GoodGuy  |  11

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