By lilben - / Friday 10 June 2011 08:09 / United States
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When in doubt, whip it out! Jk, you don't want to lose your job in this economy unless you got another lined up. You need to show that it doesn't bother you, own it and embrace it even, then it will lose it's power and people will eventually stop calling you Little Dick. Good luck!


Maybe you can get your coworker "Big Dick" to switch names with you? That is, if you do him a favor, such as 'for swallowing.'


Would you mind if I take a shit?

  Badshah29  |  6

umm, y would your parents name you dick? thats ridiculous

  Badshah29  |  6

ur saying dat cuz u've never been hea dude. i've been around, no place like pakistan

By  chiddy_bang71  |  0

well that blows big dick! we just know that's not u with the large penis.

  chiddy_bang71  |  0

no that wasn't a joke. I was half asleep. my bad. I'm not even sure what I meant.

  hossjosh  |  1

yes it does, if you have a small dick and know how to use it sex is good, but if you have a huge dick and know what your doing then your amazing.



I dated a guy with a pretty small-ish penis but he was dynamite in bed
dated a guy with a /slightly/ girthier than average tho average length and /he/ was also dynamite

dated a guy with a 10" that was as big around as my wrist and...he was seriously lacking in the talent department.

it's not size really....it's practice makes perfect ;)

  dustbunny10  |  0

OP, I feel ya, but whatever, just don't let it affect you, show people you don't care and it's nothing but a nickname.
on a side note.. I love family guy character accounts!!

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