By suckstosuck - / Tuesday 23 July 2013 04:04 / United States - Dana Point
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  TysGirl14  |  8

"I'm going to punish you straight in the face." hmmm. Might be a bit of a stretch.

  Enslaved  |  36

I don't know, porn now a days with these so called "facials"? It really doesn't seem too far of a stretch.

I get freaked out whenever I have these Mary Kay reps trying to get me to buy their make-up by offering me a free home facial-- I get way too many dirty thoughts. :P

  Daiyuki  |  5

Who the hell is Ike Turner.

  justfienne  |  12

People should google the tumblr post "celebrities (other than Chris brown) who have committed violence against women" and consider why he and Ike turner are literally the only ones we associate w/ beating women and all these others' violent episodes are overlooked and or forgiven... Food for thought.

P.s. I seriously dislike Brown myself, but I disagree with the nonsense of letting these other guys get away with violence and not Chris.

By  whyisitincapital  |  22

Or you could combine the two, and delve into either anal fisting or face slapping.

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