By Ouchithurt - / Tuesday 4 August 2009 07:55 / United States
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By  ily_hun996  |  0

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  deathbunny256  |  0

I don't get why people bury anyone who's first, even if they don't say first!!! Sorry on behalf of all the others, this hppened to me before. I for one understand how exciing it is to be first. :)

  laleyla  |  0

I am really wondering how boring your life must be when being first is something that excites you that much... I mean, I already feel lame for wasting my time on fml. get a life!!!

By  GrandeCarne  |  0

you're probably just mad cause you're stuck with the number 8
lol j/k #1 is totally a dork and we should all give him the thumbs down!

By  DElor  |  0

why would you fall

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