By Mark - / Friday 27 February 2015 18:24 / Malta - Naxxar
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Damn straight! Bloody piece of crap expected you to come in because he didn't believe you and still won't except the fact you were sick and won't pay you. Sounds like a right slave driving scum bag to me.


I agree with 33. I would go tell HR that you called in sick and your boss made you come in (so next time your boss will have to let you stay home), and tell them that he's threatening not to pay you. Let them know everything beforehand so if he tries to pull anything or tries to do the same thing next time your sick or to another employee, he can't! Telling HR will cover all your bases and hopefully protect you from his BS.


I don't know about you all, but some bosses are horrible in that way. There's also the bosses POV that "if you really were sick, why did you come in?" And HR may agree saying how by coming in you're saying you're well enough to work. It's ridiculous and wrong but unfortunately the truth. Still, OP came in and did their best, so yeah, pay them their effin money!

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