By work -_- / Monday 22 April 2013 13:22 / United Kingdom - Mitcham
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By  B5B0N35  |  18

Your boss is a dumb ass no offence

  realeah  |  4

Offence is not a word (it's offense). Nor is gaiz. It goes against logic to use an equally long word as an abbreviation. i.e. 'gaiz' is not an abbreviation for 'guys.'

  wdd2  |  5

Actually, offence IS a word, it's the british spelling of the word. So before you go grammar naziing people, do a little research.

  Mr_Satan  |  11

Yep, the best defense is a good offence.... dunno what that has to do with this though.

  wdd2  |  5

They DID spell it right, offence is the british spelling, and since it is in fact thd original spelling, it is equally if not more correct.


Stupid is practically synonymous with incompetent. Therefore, every boss on the planet must be stupid.

Definitely the reason they made it to management.

  caysters  |  12

Basically where I work, it's all about who you know... Or what language you speak. You speak English, you ain't getting far... Funny, I thought I lived in the us... Hmm...

By  SadGirl18  |  16

That's when you ask if he got the sickness too. She had to get it somehow!

  lufflala  |  6

Whether he knew doesn't matter, claiming his gf 'caught' OP's illness was his shit way of making excuses for his gf. I would love to know what happened after the OP told him what was up, if she did tell him.

  Misswildsides  |  22

Yeah, bad OP! You shouldn't pass pregnancy onto other people!

  Bakarra  |  22

The boss probably thought OP and his girlfriend watched one of those 3D porn videos together and so they both caught the pregnancy while he was away so technically OPs fault

  Soloman212  |  28

Editing comments. (Sorry for ruining the magic.)

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