By ElaborateScheme / Sunday 14 August 2016 20:52 / United States - Palm Beach Gardens
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  danm_1  |  28

I doubt OP would be alive or even well enough to type out an FML and submit it, if it was a poisonous snake, especially since OP was bit twice. Unless OP is somehow immune to the snake venom and will start to develop snake powers

  mcdgaf  |  14

#14 first, get your story straight, snakes are not poisonous. second, if you get bit by a pygmy rattlesnake (venomous, not poisonous) all you need to do is take a few benadryl and you're good to go.

  Mossyoak_kw  |  27

@28 It really all depends on what type of snake OP was bitten by as to whether or not a pill would help. Snakes have different types of venom, like if it was a copperhead they were bitten by there's a good chance benadryl would help because copperhead venom only hurts a human if the human has an allergic reaction to it like they would if they were attacked by bees, but if it was like a rattlesnakes venom if they didn't seek medical attention fast they would probably die because rattlesnakes venom causes the area that was bitten and around it to start decaying like a brown recluse spiders venom does. Considering OP was writing an FML instead of rushing to a hospital means the snake probably wasn't all that deadly.

  mcdgaf  |  14

#30 pygmy rattlesnakes are no reason to go to the hospital, seriously, just benadryl. eastern diamondbacks and timber rattlesnakes are a different story, those are the ones you need to worry about.

By  RichardPencil  |  25

At least you didn't get Zika from them!

In Florida, you'd rather get bitten by a snake than a mosquito.

  Stripez234  |  16

Believe me... This hurts me more than it hurts you. Although this hurts me in a cringey, "oh god" way. You probably feel a "well shit" sort of feeling where all your confidence just went downhill so fast after getting buried like this. RIP

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