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  jadedwaitress  |  7

I love how it's only racist if you're a white person insulting a visible minority but it's completely alright for Americans to mock Canada and France all the time. How about you come live here for a year or two and then give your "opinion" fucktard.

  ezrl_ritvoi  |  7

23... Canada and France are not races so it is not racism... and you just did the same thing by generalizing negatively about Americans... I'm an American and I don't bash other countries for "humor".

  ILoveMyXbox  |  7

11 - andruha - shut your fucking whore mouth you cunt. canada rocks your fuckin socks off you ugly pice of shit, your photo looks like fuckin crap nice hair u fuckin fag

By  alex112094  |  24

hey fucktard I live in Montreal. and Canada rapes ur mom ignorent Americans get off your goddamn computers and go outside and stop posting bad things about a country. fucker.

By  alex112094  |  24

23 I whrote a comment like u and it got deleted it was kinda owning 11s ass it was how ignorent americans think there the best. it's cuz there parents teach them crap and now they know it.

  Intoxicunt  |  24

Um, so let me get this straight. You're pissed at a handful of Americans for insulting your country and making sweeping generalizations, sooo... you do the exact same? Pot. Kettle. "how ignorent americans think there the best."

  ezrl_ritvoi  |  24

you're now doing what you dislike though. you hate Americans for stereotyping Canada and France and other countries but you are stereotyping Americans. for a moment, please, think.

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