By anonymous - / Thursday 20 August 2009 06:22 / United States
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By  Apocalyptus  |  0

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  Althina  |  0

I say YDI because, why would you throw a french fry in the middle of the street where cars go by lol?
Unless you wanted them to die, if so BIRD KILLER!


@#4, they're only pidgeons, don't come up to me with the "BUT ANIMALS ARE EQUAL" bullshit because, no, they aren't, they don't have jobs and aren't a productive part of society and don't do jack all to help society evolve.
OP is very lucky since he managed to get those stupid pests in front of a truck.

  IambecomeRAWR  |  0

Stupidpoorpeople, it's always funny to watch people agree with you when their arguments are spectacularly crap. You're going about this the wrong way. Yes, we shouldn't feel as sad when animals die as when humans die. But that's only because the animals aren't smart enough to understand the concepts of loss and death. Not your twisted, fascist ideology.

  heavenandhell  |  0

you guys are bolth stuipd, im sure that aminals know about death or they would all be walking off clifts and stuipd shit. Im sure they are smarter then you think pet or wild animals for that. Im not saying i give a shit about the birds im just disagreeing with what you said

  Dmaster22  |  0

i would totally do this on purpouse. this should be a LML "Today, i managed to kill alot of peigons LML" and the fml "Today i killed a bunch of pigeons but 4 survived. FML."

  Lolbrittany  |  0

I agree with DMaster, this would be an amazing LML; "Today, I managed to kill a rather large flock of birds with just one fry >:D LML!" The FML should've been; "Today, I managed to kill a rather large flock of birds with just one fry >:D ...but some survived :( FML."

  quirinus  |  0

@ iambecomeRAWR: how can YOU tell? as a matter of fact it has been proven that some animals mourn for the loss of relatives. It's more likely you're not smart enough to figure out that you're not an alpha-predator as in fact you're more likely to be a 14yo reject and your best friend is myspace Tom.

  baby_love  |  0

# 30 :) took the words right out of my mouth
not to mention, pigeons are disgusting and they can carry diseases
fyl that 4 of them still managed to survive.

  cupcakelolita  |  0

You people are fucking stupid. Animals are equal to humans. In fact, they're far superior! They're innocent creatures that never sin or hurt others for pure entertainment, only to survive. Humans are disgusting filth that litter the earth with sin and the bad ones deserve to be killed off. OP, you did nothing wrong since it was an accident and you obviously feel sorry about it, but try to think before you act next time. The only reason I'm getting so defensive is because of the fucking retards like Stupidpoorpeople, who are exactly the kind of people who deserve to die for their insensitivity to life. But after all, this is just FML, so I'm sure we'll all come across plenty of stupid people.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

#41, why do you think they use dogs in police units? From what most specialists say, they don't innately understand death. When a "loved one" dies, they do mourn it, but they don't know what exactly happened or that it WILL happen to them. They don't run off cliffs because that scares them and they are afraid of getting hurt.

  xanth  |  0

115 and 165, thank you for exposing the ridiculously illogical undercurrent that runs in a lot of animal rights discourse. You have concluded that all animals (humans included) are equals yet have such contempt for humans as if we are an amoral mistake of nature. That is hypocrisy on the highest level. I think it is a marvel that we have developed to the point of being able to conceive of such things as morality while you express your outrage at the human race using those exact ideals.

note: I am left leaning and i believe in animal rights to an extent, but extreme views such as yours and PETA's do nothing more than to alienate those ideas as bleeding heart bullshit.

  Fisheyy  |  0

Um I disagree, when the dog's owner dies or his doggy companion, sometimes the dog stops eating for a while and becomes lethargic. Some dogs stop at where they died and start howling and whining.


I think pigeons are the worst birds on the planet, with seagulls at a close second. Hell, I don't like birds in general with a few exceptions. Still, I'd feel horrible if I accidentally killed any.


Not all animals are cannibals jackass. Count how many cannibalistic species you can think of, and divide that by the total number of species you know that exist. But telling from the way you speak, i'm guessing fractions are too advanced for you.

BTW, im not saying animals are better than humans, but lets face it, humans are pretty shitty. animals do what they need to do to survive and reproduce. Humans, on the other hand, kill for no reason. From hunting to sport (bye buffalo) to war (you don't look like me so you must die,) humans have done alot of horrible things.

  AngryC4t  |  0

YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE BIRD KILLER YDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

...Is what I would say if I was one of the 15,522 fuckoffs that clicked YDI. Use common sense to realise that there is no way OP did that on purpose instead of going "Oh noes an animul died now Im sad YDI."


all the people chanting with the animals vs. people thing, it doesn't have anything to frickin do with that. there was no human life that was saved over the pigeons. he put the fry in the street, and as a result, the pigeons died. that just means that the OP is stupid. you didn't think to throw it somewhere behind you?

  Sprinter136  |  2

Mentally retarded people don't have jobs or do anything for society, does that mean they should die? You people make no sense. You say animals should die because they do nothing, but never anything about them, when its THE SAME FUCKING THING. NEITHER does anything. What makes the person any better?

  Notemostik  |  0

#30... What kind of stupid point is "they don't have jobs and aren't a productive part of society and don't do jack all to help society evolve."? I believe you are referring to HUMAN society, in which animals should not feel inclined to take part, considering we take minimal part in theirs- unless you count destroying their habitats as "helping to evolve their society." And, please try to think before you make groundless points, because without the way humans have taken advantage of animals throughout our "evolution" (leather, animal testing, mass meat production, agriculture, transportation, and countless other ways) we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today.

Please try to keep your idiocy down to a minimum in the future :)

And #101... Humans are disgusting and carry diseases too. We're worthless and should all die! (I hope your limited comprehension abilities allow you to note the sarcasm employed in the previous statement.)


Shut up hippie humans kick ass and if animals are so superior howd they get fucked up by a combination of french fry and truck? Oh right theyre dumb birds that only know how to eat and shit.

  AruthC  |  0

This is the funniest post I have ever read. I would probably pee my pants if I threw a fry in the street and saw all of the pidgeons get run over by a truck.

  gummibehrs  |  4

Stupidpoorpeople -

First off, please go die. Whether it's by fire, drowning, suicide, I don't care. Just die.

Secondly, do you think the universe looks at people and thinks they're better than animals? No. Life is just a series of chemical reactions. Nothing special, nothing holy. But if I had to take a side, I would say animals are better than humans. Humans have singlehandedly created global warming, destroyed forests, polluted oceans and rivers, and slaughtered for fashion.

You are a perfect example of the lowest form of life. You're a cruel, unwanted, shitty brainless waste of space, and I hope you get everything you deserve. How many times have you gotten your ass kicked? I hope you get the shit beaten out of you a million times more before you decide you can't handle it anymore and jump off a bridge.

  gummibehrs  |  4

And Fisheyy is completely right. I've read stories about dogs who have walked 2,000 miles to get home after their owners lose them, and dogs who wait years and years by their owner's grave until the day they die.

Look at these:


So if any of you don't think animals contribute to society, think again, dumbasses.

And Cupcakelolita, I agree.

  detritornado  |  0

yeah, my uncle watched a pigeon walk under the back wheel of a car just as it started moving, and laughed as its guts poped from its neck. i couldnt stop laughing when he told me

  wendigogirl6  |  0

Actually, no, animals are smart enough to understand death. Elephants will mourn the loss of a member of their herd. A few years ago one of my cats died and my other cat wouldn't eat and just moped around for days. But you're right, #30 is completely wrong.

  wendigogirl6  |  0

Animals are equal though. For years we used horses and oxen and mules and all sorts of animals like that as workers. They would pull plows and carriages, carry people around etc. Heck, we even had the Pony Express. Even today we use animals. Seeing eye dogs? Farms? Where do we get things milk and pork? Animals.

And with your comment on how they don't help society evolve: do you really think we would've been able to get far in agriculture if it wasn't for animals? Or get far in transportation? They've done tons to help society evolve.

And on top of that if you really think animals are useless then I have one question: where the fuck did your heart disappear to? If you haven't ever felt sad seeing a dog or cat be run over but some stupid, careless human then you have no soul and I sincerely hope someone shoots a bullet through your brain so we can get rid of you.

By  randomfacts  |  0

that is so funny!


Carrier pigeons can find their way home from hundreds of miles away. If we were moved from one side of the country to the other, could you find your way home simply using the sun and magnetic cues?

  reyemrein  |  0

@220: What is the purpose of a mentaly retarted person being alive if they are so deformed that they are unable to speak, take care of themselves, communicate their thoughts with other people, and understand concepts that even a toddler can grasp such as "mine!" or "no"? They are nothing more than an extremely expensive pet who isn't toilet trained and can't be left alone for more than a few minutes. They aren't sentient and don't have that innate spark of understanding that makes one human.

  Jg2020  |  0

at 194: I wouldn't have to I could just get a plane ticket and then take a magical thing created by people known as a taxi. and even weirder I would get home before the carrier pigeon if we started at the same place, same time and going to the same destination

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