By Anonymous - / Monday 27 August 2012 22:21 / France - Paris
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It's a bad excuse but he broke up with you or a reason (which he may choose not to explain) and he did it with out insulting you would you rather him say "your ugly and getting fat, you are boring and annoying, I don't love you were breaking up."? Id go with mafia.

By  Bonzer  |  1

He was probably telling the truth, you never know.

By  reallytho3  |  11

It's that what you call it lol

  Callyn  |  43

It's hackneyed and cliched, not creative. It's every superheroes reason for not having a relationship, he just stole it out of a comic book.


Today, I was taking a walk with a girl I really like. Trying to impress her, I mentioned I'd just learned how to do a front flip, and she told me to prove it. I did the flip, but stumbled forward on the landing and smacked head-first into a pole. She's still laughing. FML

By RedFox12 - / Sunday 28 October 2012 00:12 / United States - Philadelphia
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