By Earths_Venus - / Thursday 19 November 2009 22:31 / Australia
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  SuchaLady  |  0

Wow. The was one severe run-on sentence.

  BBQuberSauce  |  0

how does trying to catch his vodka make him an alcoholic? I would expect the vodka to fall out a lot sooner than the computer, since the bottle is likely round. i might not even expect the laptop to fall unless he stopped on a slope.

By  bbq34567  |  2

At least you still have your vodka so you can drink your troubles away

By  scateice  |  0

I'm so sorry :(
When my laptop(s) broke I was all sad and crying for a long time :'(
You'll be ok X(

  perdix  |  29

Actually, she should call Absolut or Grey Goose and tell them about the commercial they need to make about her.

She could be like the Jared of vodka.

  hornetchik  |  0

I kinda assumed that the vodka was just the first thing to slide out, and that she just didn't have time to reach for the laptop. I'm sure she WOULD have rather the vodka break, but its just not the way it ended up!

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