By bigmozwoman - / Friday 18 September 2015 02:18 / United States - Phoenix
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Yeah, it would be titled something like 'Untitled 2' and have a long rambling description about what was going through the artist's head as she created it.


Not to mention that other people would hate it for existing because it stole the thunder when they actually have ability. when quite often their art follows the same random course.

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While I partially agree with you #32, I believe that embarrassment to an extent is a wonderful teacher for things. I had to basically raise myself and due to that I was constantly embarrassing myself. The extent of which the other commenter was talking about would be much too extreme, though.

This could be a really innocent young child (4-7) who doesn't understand that throwing boogers is definitely not proper manners or this could be a really gross high-schooler. If it's the latter, I am disappointed. Either way, FYL OP.

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