By Anonymous - / Wednesday 8 July 2009 15:24 / United States
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Obviously the guy would've called someone eventually, but it's the ridiculous cruel irony of this that makes it an FML. He's stuck in the middle of nowhere, finds the only auto shop there is, and the number they post to call in an emergency is the phone in the shop, where nobody happens to be because they closed early. FMLs don't have to be unsolvable... I generally find that they're one of those "Oh, come ON" moments that we all have to deal with sometimes.


more like she deserves it. if there's one auto-mechanical thing people with a car should know, it's how to change a tire pfft women drivers


Could you not scroll up the few hundred pixels to see how it's spelled in the FML? Dolt... And FYL dude. That's unbelievably lame.

I'm not going to make any assumptions here, but you did have access to a phone. You are living in what some believe to be the most technically advanced country on the planet, you couldn't make a call to information and then call AAA? Last time I checked, it is 2009 in Massachusetts too. Hardly a FML...


I believe you actually have to be a member of AAA for them to come out and pick your car up. Maybe the OP wasn't a member.


might not be a member of AAA but he could at least call for a tow truck or something. Granted I think he should have had a spare. If you don't have a proper spare you shouldn't be driving that far.

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