By soembarrassed - / Sunday 2 August 2009 13:40 / Australia
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  RR05  |  0

haha you probably didn't stand a chance anyway. your probably ugly!

  mercilessadi  |  0

Ydi y coz u r a bitch coz u have camel toe coz ur bf is dickhead coz he has gf like u coz u blower him coz u like to be cozy coz u spill it here coz it gets published coz the mods who modd it suck like u(cmon y all dumb shits get selected while they reject the good one) coz I feel u desereve it coz u wasted my time readin it coz u wasted my iPhone battery coz am out of coz..

  ndawgg  |  5

I had this happen to me once. A little Listerine on a Q tip and swab nose gently. Smelled like mint and didn't smell like barf after the mint wore off.

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