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Let me break it down for you #43... 1. Free Pizza is better than pizza 2. Having a boyfriend equals free pizza 3. Therefore boyfriend is better than pizza.

Comfort and rest is good for the soul once in a while. I enjoyed sharing the same costume as you and there were so many awesome classic halloween movies on TV last night :-)

That actually sounds like a dream Friday night to me! I love pizza, and who needs a bra, anyway? Keep your head up, OP!


I think bras are from hell. They are like a cage squeezing my soul outta my chest. I hate them!!! #bralessmomentshappymoments :p


You had me until the hashtag shit. After that...well lets just say the thoughts that went through my head weren't pretty.

And I was dressed as a single girl/miserable student who had 5 chapters to read, an essay to write, a 20 min video to analyze and countless equations to memorize. But life goes on. Besides, you had pizza AND didn't have to wear a bra...sounds like a pretty good night to me

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