By jynxisadouchebag / Friday 27 February 2015 00:08 / United States
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Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy having cats around, but I have no qualms admitting the fact they are generally assholes.

I think your cat's message is pretty clear: Touch the blanket again and you'd loss much more than 3 hours of your time. I'd tread softly.

That seems like a poorly designed basement. I wonder how many plumbers and hobos and serial killers have perished down there. Poor sad bastards.


If you live in a house, then I suggest getting a new door handle and possibly a new door as well. It just sounds like a fire hazard, and something that's likely to happen again, to have a door that locks on only one side. If you're in an apartment then you should leave the cat inside the apartment when you go to the basement and talk to the landlord/super about how dangerous the door is.

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