By anonymous / Thursday 20 February 2014 05:27 / Canada - Victoria
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  Welshite  |  39

Judges are meant to determine just how well you know the subject matter, and if you can convey the information in an accurate and easy to understand way to a person who has no idea what you're talking about. It doesn't matter if he already knew what glucose is; the point is that he's playing a part and judging how well the OP can inform him. This is probably a middle or high school presentation, and is designed to enhance presentation skills. The judge was actually doing his job. Source: Have judged and been judged for similar events.

  airhead2015  |  18

#25, You're right. When I went to districts science fair, the judges there pretended they didnt know what the rocks were (I was doing a thing with rocks and acid). They're supposed to make you feel like you're presenting it to a crowd of people, not just a professional judge.

  knoxxx  |  22

Exactly what I was thinking. There's no way a judge in a legitimate science competition didn't know what glucose was. They were probably seeing if OP could explain it to some one who has no idea what it is and doesn't have any science background.

By  keirissleepy  |  10

I'd have thrown a jar of glucose at the bastard


Today, a middle-aged customer tried to pay for a $2 ice cream bar with a credit card. It was declined, so he made me swipe it again. Declined. "Quit touching the metal strip," he scowled. I held the outer edge of it and swiped. Declined. He then bitched me out as his mother paid for him. FML

By shadyladyhh - / Tuesday 9 September 2014 21:00 / United States
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