By Buzz / Friday 28 November 2008 05:35 / France
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By  BeautyAndBrains  |  0

#3, that is so rude. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.


me too I only read them to understand but no one is helping maybe no one gets it if you do get and want to be acknowledged as smart reply with the meaning of this fml

By  mr153  |  0

#8, I think you're the one whos a dumbass if you cant catch on. Its pretty obvious that he basically undermined the committee/company and applied for another job and got caught


Today, I looked in my voicemails on my phone. I recently got a message saying that I got the job, which was very exciting because it's my first job. Too bad it was sent 2 weeks ago and I just got it because I upgraded my phone. FML

By Dr_Awesome654 / Tuesday 31 May 2016 06:55 / United States - Blue Springs
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