FML - The follow-up

Today, I was demoted as a bridesmaid in a wedding because I dyed my hair, and didn't ask permission from the bride to do so. The bride is my sister. FML

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Hey guys!! I'm surprised that this got published. I didn't dye my hair a weird color or anything. I went from a dark blond to just brunette because my sister actually suggested it months ago. She's been unbearable throughout this whole thing, but it's okay. I'm still going to the wedding, but as a guest now. :/
By punkchicka4 / Monday 2 March 2015 23:37 / United States - Dayton
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By  Dalboz  |  32

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By  Dalboz  |  32

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Seconded, it's her day and I understand her fearing that attention will be diverted from her to you. Can you imagine? You're nervous, you're excited, this is a huge moment in your life, you've been planning it for ages, and your sister becomes a spotlight for people to crow over her new hair color. And this is coming from someone who has next to no interest in marriages or in getting married; it's not entirely illogical for her to be upset.

  MDoremis  |  32

I agree, assuming that the hair was dyed an unnatural color. I would have been absolutely furious with my bridesmaids had they dyed their hair a blindingly noticeable color. What if the hair really clashes with the color theme? Will all eyes be drawn to the hair instead of the intended subject of the day? Will people be talking about how beautiful the bride was or how her sister suddenly had blue hair? Weddings are usually a pretty classy occasion. I don't see why the OP couldn't have waited until after her sister's wedding.


I don’t get this attention thing. When I got married, I was not obsessed with people only looking at me and my husband, in fact I was quite self-conscious about it. To me, a wedding ceremony is not about people ogling at you in awe but a merry get together of the people you love. However, I would not have been too pleased if one of my bridesmaids did something to her hair that was going to completely clash with her dress, without consulting me first. I still wanted nice group pictures. If that’s not the case, clearly the bride had an overreaction.

  amberv61  |  32

What if her hair was a vibrant color already? Op could possibly have had faded blue hair when her sister asked her to be a bridesmaid. She could have gotten it redyed to make the color darker which still sucks for ops sister but there is potential she knew already

By  R2Dee2  |  18

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By  Georgia0p  |  28

I think it's more likely a sister would do that than a friend, because siblings often compete with each other, and she may feel you're going to steal the limelight. But since she's you're sister she will also eventually want you in her wedding

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