By CPN - / Saturday 14 March 2009 14:55 / United States
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By  Libbyy  |  0

Oh my gosh.
I cringed just thinking about that. It's painful enough getting your eyelashes stuck in the corner of eyelash curlers, but ripping them clean out? Ouch.

By  yay_fml  |  0

Yet another reason I am so glad I don't wear makeup.

By  AlyshaDeShae  |  10

#13 - I agree completely. And even when I was in high school and I did, I didn't go to the trouble of curling my eyelashes. :-/

As for the FML, lock your door. If you don't have doors that lock, don't do things that can damage you if someone decides to scare you. It's fairly simple.

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