By fuckendog - / Friday 25 July 2014 06:05 / Australia - Virginia
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  JBirdeye  |  14

Don't be a pig* to your dog

  1jordan1  |  11

The teasing is what's rude #38. Showing it to the dog making him think he can have it and then taking it away. That's messed up. That's also how you teach dogs to constantly beg for and steal food. It's his own fault.

  SkittlesGoRawr  |  19

Of course he was, but that doesn't mean #14 can't be replied to. ^^

By  lennon_  |  16

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  lennon_  |  16

dude I was joking relax

By  Ninja_Plumber  |  9

Looks like a slippery situation.

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