By sandy - / Tuesday 17 March 2009 21:25 / United States
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By  Lion_fml  |  0

maybe she didnt notice jejejeje don´t worry everybody gets caught sometime


Ugh... Let me clarify for people who are lucky enough to not understand this comment. They attempted to be cute/funny by 'laughing in Spanish' (even though the English comment clearly shows they speak English just fine) because in Spanish the 'j' makes our 'h' sound so it would be pronounced like "hehehehe" only even creepier and more lame.

By  phobes  |  0

I don't see what's wrong with this really, so now your bf's mother knows he has an active sex life. Good for him!

By  kraezeeAcE  |  0

Maybe she'll think its her son's/your boyfriend? Worth a though =]

By  mac_fml  |  0

and she wouldnt think anything of it that you were in his bed under the covers even if she hadnt seen your bra and pantiesÉ (wtf thats suppose to be a question mark)

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