By guamfml / Wednesday 3 June 2009 00:10 / Guam
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  amd3lky  |  0

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By  humanrefutation  |  0

That's fucked up. Your dad is a fucking moron. He better not complain about having to pay for college. But, you should've contacted the college if you hadn't heard from them in a timely fashion. There is also an element of "this is fake" here, because colleges that give out full rides usually contact you via e-mail, phone, and other sources as well.

By  R3TH0R  |  0

if he didnt tell you about it and bitches about paying for college, FYL if you didnt inquire about the colleges before the deadlines, YDI but like #4 said, FULL ride scholarships usually (as in every case) contact you through almost all other sources too

  Majd09  |  0

what If she doesn't know about the deadline? I mean they don't tell the deadline until they send it, and in this case they attaches it to the letter. I'm sorry for you. FYL

By  iareamused  |  0

most colleges these days also allow u to check your acceptance status on their school website, even if you don't have full ride scholarships. plus, if you have ANY friends whatsoever in your grade also doing college apps, you should know when the deadline was, and freak out at least a week or two before the deadline to find out if you even made it in or not. however, if this were true, your dad is fucked up.

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