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Thats a great sentence. "Are you just ugly?" Remind me to go to you when i need a self esteem boost

Of course. No one wants to dance with a guy who was voted Prom King as a joke and is covered in pig's blood.


#11 I assume you've never seen "Carrie". Correct me if I'm wrong but whoever they crown "queen", aren't they supposed to share a dance? That must have been embarrassing. Sucks to be you.


I came here to say that! XD and to the person who asked why, it's from a movie called 'Carrie' (not sure about spelling) So many of the students disliked her that it was more than half of the student body so they all decided to vote for her and make her queen as a joke, so they could humiliate her by dumping pig's blood on her when she was on stage. Then they all got violently slaughtered because she was telekinetic and super pissed XD Whoops I didn't realize I was only seeing the first two of


it's actually really common now, especially at my school, to vote guys that nobody really likes as dance "royalty". especially homecoming. it's really weird though because for the girls it's still a major popularity contest

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