By charishard / Saturday 4 May 2013 05:17 / United States
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no, OP definitely pocketed the change and sent the customer on his way after confusing and annoying him. and they say there's no such thing as a stupid question...

And that's when you laugh, apologise and say it's been a long day. I've had several salespeople forget to give me my change or, on one occasion, even the stuff I bought; it's completely understandable. And if the client has a shred of a sense of humour or empathy, it's not even that awkward.

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There's no need to be shaken up by this, OP. Just be the change you wish to see, and as always, May the Fourth be With You.

Haa. I've been there OP. Usually customers are fine with it if you just apologise and joke that it has "just been one of those days." Turning a potentially awkward moment into a light laugh. Customer service skills! :-P

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