By santasadiekins / Wednesday 17 August 2011 17:25 / United States
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I'm curious to know if "red ants" is what we folks in Texas call fire ants. Because if those were fire ants, fuck your life, hard. I knew of a family who actually lost their 7 year old son because he got bit so much.


And they creep me out to fucking Hell!!!! OP your life is definitely worth an FML but hey! With you there's an added bonus!!! :D years and years of therapy and a constant nagging urge to kill, and yet at the same time stay very far away from, every ant on the face of this earth!!!! :D aren't you happy?! :D


Fire ants can actually kill you in mass numbers...especially if you're allergic to fire ant stings. I was in a nasty situation where I was thrown off a horse and rolled right into a fire ant colony. I was swarmed and I went into anaphylactic shock. Not cool.

For my next plan, you will need: Duct tape Lye Justin Beiber poster Lube Marker Air freshener A cucumber A mirror Come back up to those ants and be all "Bitches, you best not mess with this gangsta" and if they don't surrender immediately, use the items I have listed above. Repeat. For bonus points, pimp those ants out to some bees.

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