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Rough! I used to work a weird rotation at my last job and had to drive in on my day off to drop off paperwork (I did pest control at a resort) or I wouldn't get paid for that day because of how commission worked there. Then I'd get called all day asking questions about different units and such. It was my only day off a week! I learned to tell em my time is mine. I got a spare key to my boss' truck and left the paperwork in there at the office on my way home. Tl;dr... I feel your pain, tell them to eat a dick. You work and the two bumming each other!


#16 - I didn't get paid for my day off. If I didn't bring the prior days work in on my day off I would not get paid for it on time as the office was closed and all the managers were off duty that day.

You shouldn't have been the one to call in, even if it seemed suspicious. If your boss thinks that you and your co-worker are getting busy, tell him what you know, and have the co-worker tell your boss also.


#10. The poster here had the day off already as a scheduled day off. The others called out which made OPs work react by calling them in to fill the gap in staffing.

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