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That's what I was thinking! Be like "Um okay dickface do you remember my BOOBS then?" Unless you were wearing a low-cut shirt then YkDI. Don't get me wrong I'm all for flaunting it if you've got it just don't get mad if someone looks. :p

By  Bumlove89  |  6

This is the time to take out the receipt and shove it in his face. What a horny freak. I hope you went and complained to the manager about the bad service.

By  FMLwrestler  |  6

That's when you say "Well, you should probably recognize my jugs well enough. But if you seem to have forgotten, maybe we could get the manager over here, so he can remind you both of me paying, and current sexual harassment laws?" With that said, don't sue him thats gay haha. But do say that to get your receipt back. That dude is wack. and by your name "doubleD's", you seem to be pretty fine with flaunting them. If you don't want random guys checking them out, then don't wear the kind of low-cut shirts that expose them. Otherwise, it's really a lost cause. And if you do secretly enjoy guys dirty peepin... you'll have to deal with situations like this. just saying

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