By watch_corn_dance / Tuesday 8 April 2014 02:13 / United States - Pontiac
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  ipman737  |  18

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more like show up with the lawyer you will own the job and never need a job again.

  barakados  |  11

And he also put a nail in your hand.

By  xLIGHTS_fml  |  23

Why would they show you how to use it if you haven't even gotten an interview yet?

  xLIGHTS_fml  |  23

Clearly you're a douche. I think
You're the one working at McDonalds.

  RedDevel96  |  5

Whoa whoa I work at McDonald's and we do have to go through training so I assume it's more extensive training plus if you don't know how to use a tool it's better to ask someone to show you...in most cases anyway

  borntoperform  |  14

Ya it's such a relief to have no idea how you're gonna support yourself...

By  bosox29  |  14

sorry OP but you can't claim worker's comp. but if i were you i would have shot him back especially if i didn't get the job.

By  lexxiii  |  17

I guess you didn't nail the interview after all.

By  rbalboa76  |  5

At least you add that to your resume.

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