By friend - / Friday 29 June 2012 20:48 / Israel - Rishon Le Zion
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Does anyone remember on are you afraid of the dark? Or goosebumps I forgot which one. But the one episode where the girl gets trapped inside the dollhouse and slowly turns into a doll? That story should be told to all little kids


20: I WILL GO 2 HOGWARTS!!! But according 2 draco malfoy/(lauren Lopez) Hogwarts has gone 2 the dogs and pigfarts on mars is better... Like if u get it :D


No slides or swings in the park anymore is because parents are sue happy, and they can easily fall off either of those and break their head or something. *shakes head* Psh. Shiiiit, getting hurt was all about being a kid when I was one. Having fun, playing in the mud. Falling off of trees while trying to climb one.. Now it's all computers, cell phones and Xbox. Never see kids playing like a kid should anymore... I agree with you, it IS sad.

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