By Anonymous - / Sunday 20 December 2009 08:47 / Canada
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By  JustAReaderOfFml  |  4

ok so is this a fml coz the guy/op whatevs looks lyk jesus? coz srsly thats not bad. and clearly she was in2 it if she was on top of him. lol. kind of reminds me of this thing that happened to a fren of mine tho. creepy story: ok so my fren was lving with this guy called micah, and they were totes in2 each other and than she killed him co she was a demon. srsly. havmt seen her since... so creepy...... :S

  KingAfter  |  0

of course it's an FML, I mean I guess he had a reason to break up with her and doesn't wanna have a relationship with her anymore, while she crazily does. but the really bad part about this is that she has a key... that's pretty creepy. if he does something she doesn't like she can sneak into his apartment and mess it up. you should've seen the crazy eyes though, so YDI! j/k FYL.

  Juliaa15  |  6

I'd have to agree with 111. The use of "totes" not only made me want to give a courtesy chuckle, but it totes wanted me to join in and troll too.

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