By merkris - / Monday 29 June 2009 15:41 / United States
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Well, at least he's a cheap date. Chuck-E-Cheese isn't too pricey, and hey, maybe if ur lucky, you guys can actually meet Chuck E!!!


that's what I was thinking:) op ur boyfriend sounds like a guy that like to have fun... this I not FML worthy

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#4 you don't even know the guy or the OP... OP- I always embarrass my girlfriend. She thinks it is cute when I act childish.


#4, ur an idiot. I really don't think an elaboration is required OP. just embrace it, and accept that most of us guys will never REALLY get past the temptation or excitement of the merry-go-round, and that we are, truly, all still children(in our heads) also, which ,mall? the palisades? (that one has the best merry-go-round, besides playland)

I dont exactly see how this is an FML... so your boyfriend likes to play on the swings...whats wrong with that....perhaps i should switch to fwhyme.com or thetoolbucket.com or some other site soon

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