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"Thanks for trying to cover it up, Dad, but I queefed!" Nobody would believe your denial, so making it grosser is the way to go.


This is very similar to the one, but it was actually a guys mother in that one. Seems like a copied FML. Ballz to you too!


Hm. When I let one rip in public, I blame it on the dog — I bring that guy everywhere with me. Maybe I should consider getting a daughter, instead.


ahaha!!! love the picture there! as for this "fml" not an fml! just about everyone has had the blame game pulled on them!

Dang #6 that's a little violent don't ya think? I wouldn't wanna get punched in the crotch every time I make a joke. lol.

Poor you. My dad does shit like that all the time except my sisters always get away with it and i'm the one who gets the blame :( I know how you feel lol

Blaming a fart on your daughter is like blaming a bald asian man for leaving his blond hair on the carpet. No ones gunna believe him cuz we know it's biologically impossible for girls to fart

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