By Anonymous / Thursday 20 June 2013 00:13 / United States - Lees Summit
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  flea_of_death  |  23

Honestly, I think op deserved it. He or she probably ruined that couples reunion, and the woman could have had a surprise in the bags that she dropped, and might have asked the husband to pick them up. Yeah, maybe that's my romantic side talking, but on the practical note, I'd be really annoyed if someone I didn't even know handled my luggage and ruined a meeting with someone I cared about. Maybe that makes me a jerk. Oh well. =)

  nix1993  |  37

#39- It doesn't make you a jerk, it makes you an idiot. Unattended bags tend to cause problems in airports, and some people are far too self absorbed to see when someone is actually doing them a favour; obviously you're one of those people, airport safety and security is far more important than your 'romantic reunions'. FYL OP, it's a shame people like this actually exist, she didn't deserve your help.

  flea_of_death  |  23

49 - Lol. You make assumptions about me based on an opinion I have? Can't you see it from any other way? Maybe her husband is in the military, she hasn't seen him in forever, breaks down emotionally. Now, before you call me an idiot again, I'm just giving a scenario, not saying this actually happened. Yeah, the woman acted extremely, but again, would you feel comfortable with some random stranger handling your luggage? If you can say yes to that question, have fun in life. And yes, this will get downvoted, but I don't care and would rather have my opinion heard. (btw when I made that last comment, I had woken up at 6 in the morning with an ungodly headache, so I probably sounded snappy.)

  jramirez16  |  9

#82 OP only took the luggage to its owner, he/she didn't go through it or anything so yes that would be stupid to get upset at!! Talk about seeing the glass half empty!!

  lulu889x  |  22

#82 typically when you go to airports people you don't know are handling the luggage. The people who take them and weigh them, the people that put it on and off the plane.

  SMHsohard  |  22

The woman didn't realize how nice a deed it was; leaving bags unattended can lead to some uncomfortable time with airport security. That would have been justice.

  andyyroxx  |  20

I wholeheartedly agree that from OP's perspective it was unjust, but I would not have been 100% comfortable if someone did that for me. Sure I'd probably have been slightly grateful but by the same token it might've been slightly suspicious.
Good deeds can't be THAT rare, though. Can they?

By  graceinsheepwear  |  33

Should have minded your own business. Or watched over het bags from afar.

  cch2014  |  1

Why are you being downvoted? Touching other people's bags is a huge no no in airports. They instruct you to call security if anyone touches your bags

  Chelsea_bella  |  20

Because god doesn't give a shit about anyone

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