By singingseattlite - / Monday 6 April 2009 06:14 / United States
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By  bambiibee  |  0

Some people may not understand those words, because they may have never had to encounter it. I don't think you should be calling them morons for never using the words "Symposium" and "discussant" before.

By  Good_old_Grim  |  8

Anyone attending such a ridiculous conference is automatically a douche anyway. Seriously... "Rude Behavior at Work" is not worth discussing in a fucking conference - everyone knows everything about assholes anyway.


Today, I started my first day as a security guard. After spending three years and $30,000 to become a commercial pilot, only to be told on my yearly medical that I suddenly have type 1 diabetes, and will never fly again. FML

By Grounded - / Tuesday 17 November 2009 03:47 / Australia

Today, I went to work with a splitting headache, after being ridiculed for calling out with a migraine previously. It was only after I started vomiting blood at my work station that management decided I could go home. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 27 April 2017 00:01 / United States
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