By ... / Friday 5 February 2010 03:12 / France
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  nickperry21  |  4

that's so bogus

  nogare98  |  0

FYL because you didn't know and it must have been embaressing. YDI for not paying attention and yelling when there was clearly something going on.

  vaebouria  |  0

your one of those dumbass kids who can't think for a second about what he is going to do, so they end up doing stupid ass shit like you. you deserved it dicknose.

By  ambrz  |  0

oh god I could see this happening to me!! ah so embrassing :( sorry

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Jesus Christ, shut up.

I think we're all aware that my intention was that he is being prejudice against another group of people.

And if you want to get nitpicky about it, I never said Americans were a race, I just called him a racist.

Quit being picky and over-implying your interpretations.

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