By Dee - / Monday 13 July 2009 00:41 / United States
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By  doof_fisch  |  2

B.O. is such a turn-off. (In politics, too).

  vball_luvah  |  2

26: what are you talking about? i thought #1's comment was pretty funny. maybe just because i'm not a fan of B.O. LOL

but at least he/she didn't say first. that pisses me off.

By  hella_elyse  |  0

Lesson #1 Always smell clean and yummy for boys. We're women, and we should be viewed as feminine beauties. And B.O is definitely not femenine or beautiful! (just an opinion)

  redbluegreen  |  40

Sweating from working out can remind the person of sex, having sex, or that they can have a good workout together. ( ;

Sweating at a party can be quite the turn-off, and stinking (at least to me) is unattractive. You can sweat without smelling bad, and there are precautions if you perspire a lot. The story never suggests she was sweaty though (she could have been, yes). But the story is: she stunk, he noticed, and acted upon it.

  shmoop  |  0

i sort of agree with what you're saying, but why shouldn't it apply to guys too? no one likes the smell of BO so why shouldn't both sexes avoid it?

  OwenMcAwesome  |  0

says the fat chick...

By  cassidyxboo  |  0

Wow, why would you go to a guys house you like without smelling nice? That would be the first thing I'd do, but on dome deodorant & perfume. Guys loooove when girls smell good. Remember that next time!

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Gosh. Am I the only one paranoid about this sort of stuff? I absolutely can't stand it when someone doesn't use deodorant or can't tell or check to see if they smell. If someone has to approach you, that's bad.

By  realrealitysuccs  |  0

wow ur a disgusting disgrace to woman not FYL but Fuc every1 who had to smell ur disgustin ass lives
o n ur friend is awesome

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