By NotALady - / Thursday 15 December 2016 22:20 /
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By  Garnetshaddow  |  30

That really does suck. In emergencies, fuckups happen. When I was a teenager, I was in a store and needed to puke (migraine headaches.) I realized when I was done... I'd run in to the men's room. There wasn't a line... but I think it really startled some guys at the urinals when a girl came sprinting out behind them. Oops!

By  mariri9206  |  32

So they can't use the men's room instead? Certainly, they have an actual toilet and not just urinal in there. If it's a one person room, it's not a big deal. If they really had to go that bad but didn't use the men's room, they have no reason to be so angry and it's their own fault for waiting for that room to be free.

  mcdgaf  |  12

I use the men's room on a regular basis simply because i don't care where I pee as long as it's in a toilet. The guys are usually weirded out when a chick walks in yelling 'cover yer dicks, I have to pee.'


There's nowhere to put the feminine hygiene products in a male restroom (for obvious reasons). Also, I would hate to use the male's room, it's like the cleaners never bother with it. I feel sorry for dudes when I walk past and the stench just hits me.

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